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Mae A. Davenport

DavenportPhotoAssociate Professor

Human dimensions of natural resources and recreation management

Ph.D. 2003, University of Minnesota
Natural Resources Science and Management

Office: 301F  Green Hall
Phone: (612) 624-2721
Fax: (612) 625-5212

Areas of Interest

My research interests are focused on the human dimensions of natural resource management, specifically sustainable land use planning; community-based ecosystem management; recreation planning; and human beliefs, attitudes and behaviors associated with landscape change. My research program has investigated community capacity for watershed conservation, stakeholder attitudes toward wetlands restoration, residents’ perceptions of the re-colonization of cougars in the Midwest, and recreational boating practices associated with aquatic invasive species and fish diseases. I am particularly interested in applying and expanding existing theories of community capacity in community health and development disciplines to the ecosystem management context. Much of this work is interdisciplinary and integrates biophysical and social sciences to better understand and address natural resource management problems. My students are exposed to interdisciplinary perspectives on environmental planning and management, are trained in multiple research methodologies, and interact with diverse stakeholders and professionals in the field.

Courses Taught:

ESPM 3245 Sustainable Land Use Planning and Policy, 3 credits.
FNRM 1001 Orientation and Information Systems, 1 credit.
FNRM 5259 Visitor Behavior Analysis, 3 credits.

Selected Publications 

Pradhananga, A., and M.A. Davenport. 2014. An assessment of agricultural cConservation practices and Minnesota FarmWise in the Cannon River Watershed. Staff Paper no. 234. St. Paul, MN:  Department of Forest Resources.

Pradhananga, A., V. Perry, and M.A. Davenport. 2014. A social science assessment of conservation practices in the Red River Basin of Minnesota. Technical Report for Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership and Staff Paper no. 232. St. Paul, MN: Department of Forest Resources.

Davenport, M.A., A.K. Pradhananga, and B. Olson. 2014. Cannon River Watershed: Landowner survey on water resources and conservation action. Staff Paper no. 229. St. Paul, MN: Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota.

Davenport, M.A. 2013. Social Measures Monitoring System: Overview and Metadata Sheets. St. Paul, MN: Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota.

Davenport, M.A. 2013. Conservation practice adoption: Motivations and constraints among Lake Nokomis area business owners. Technical report for Metro Blooms, Minneapolis, MN.

Davenport, M.A., A. Sames, J. Bussey, A. Pradhananga, M. Emery, and P. Jakes. 2013. Community readiness for environmental change: a pilot study in a Minnesota forest-associated community. Staff Paper no. 223 (revised June 2014). St. Paul, MN: Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota.

Pradhananga, A.K., and M.A. Davenport. 2013. A community capacity assessment study in the Minnehaha Creek Watershed, Minnesota. Final Report

Davenport, M.A., and B. Olson. 2012. Nitrogen use and determinants of Best Management Practices: a study of Rush River and Elm Creek agricultural producers. St. Paul, MN: Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota.

Davenport, M.A., and A. Pradhananga. 2012. Perspectives on Minnesota water resources: a survey of Sand Creek and Vermillion River Watershed landowners. Final Report.

Davenport, M., J. Trushenski, and G. Whitledge. 2010. Illinois boaters' beliefs and practices associated with fish diseases and aquatic invasive species. Final report.

Davenport, M.A., and C. Bridges. 2008. Community-based conservation and restoration:  A community partnership assessment and partnership-building handbook. Department of Forestry Research Publication NS-025. Carbondale, IL: Department of Forestry, Southern Illinois University.

Nielsen, C., M. Davenport, and J. Mangun. 2008. A study of urban and rural residents' attitudes toward mountain lions in two Midwestern states. Department of Forestry Research Publication NS-026. Carbondale, IL: Cooperative Wildlife Research Laboratory and Department of Forestry, Southern Illinois University.