Methods for Environmental and Natural Resources Policy Analysis

Course ID: 
ESPM 4242 / 5242

(3.0 cr [max 6.0 cr]; Prereq-[3241 or equiv], [3261 or equiv]; A-F or Aud, fall, even years) take jr or sr yr

This course introduces students to methods and processes used to analyze environmental and natural resource policies and programs. Its emphasis is on the practical application of policy analysis to address contemporary natural resource problems, recognizing the politically-charged environment within which decisions over the use, management, and protection of these resources occurs. Specific student learning objectives of the course are to: (1) Develop an understanding of the role and responsibilities of the policy scientist/ analyst in advancing knowledge and practice in environmental and natural resource decision-making. (2) Differentiate among methods used to synthesize knowledge, forecast results, assess programs, and evaluate outcomes of environmental and natural resource policies. (3) Gain an appreciation for the politics of environmental and natural resource policy analysis. (4) Be able to identify the basic components of a policy analysis study.