MN Forestry Research Notes 295 -

The Minnesota Forestry Notes are internal publications published from 1952 to 1968 (#1 through #184). The name was changed in 1968 to Minnesota Forestry Research Notes which were published until 1985. Publication began again in 2013 with no. 295. 

All publications are .pdfs.

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Managed White Spruce Stands Influenced by Spruce Budworm: How Does the Forest Vegetation Simulator Perform?; Matthew B. Russell and Anthony W. D'Amato; July 2015


Effects of Mounding on Planting Conifers in Wetlands; Alex C. Mehne and Charles J. Mehne; June 2014


Description and Implementation of a Single Cohort and Lifespan Yield and Mortality Model for Forest Stands in Minnesota; John M. Zobel, Alan R. Ek, and Timothy J. O'Hara; February 2014


Influence of Site Preparation on Natural Regeneration and Understory Plant Communities Within Red Pine Shelterwood Systems; Anthony D'Amato; September 2013


Minnesota Moose Population: Using Forest Inventory Data to Assess Changes in Habitat; David C. Wilson and Alan R. Ek; May 2013


Minnesota Forest Age Class Distribution, 2011; Michael A. Kilgore and Alan R. Ek; February 2013