FR Scholarship Funds

The Forest Resources (Department) Scholarship (Fund #1872) to students majoring in Forest Resources, Urban and Community Forestry, or Recreation Resource Management.

The Forestry Alumni Scholarship Fund (Fund #20191) supports undergraduate students and their student organizations in the Forestry and Natural Resource Management curriculum. Scholarships given to students who show the greatest promise, motivation and interest and to those with significant financial need. Consideration given to veterans.

The Forestry Club Scholarship (Fund #2151) benefits full-time students enrolled in the Forest Resources curriculum and those who are members of the Forestry Club.

The Class of '57 Scholarship (Fund #6734) provides assistance to full-time undergraduate students studying forest ecosystems and resources. (Funds administered at the College level with preference for Forest Resources students.)

The Day Family Scholarship (Fund #3586) provides support to sophomores or juniors studying forest management based on academic achievement, leadership, extracurricular activities, and character. Preference is given to Minnesota residents.

The Thomas W. French Memorial (Fund #1586) benefits students pursuing degrees in forest resources who show need or professional promise with preference given to students in the area of urban and community forestry.

The Frank H. & Ione Mossman Kaufert Forestry Education (Fund #1209) benefits seniors majoring in forestry or forest products who have a GPA of 3.2 or better, are within two semesters of graduation, and have demonstrated leadership and professional promise. (Funds administered at the College level.)

The Edward L. Lawson Scholarship (Fund #7713) supports full-time undergraduates studying Forest Resources who show academic promise.

The Ken Merriam Scholarship (Fund #1794) is available to all physically handicapped Forest Resources and/or Recreation Resource Management juniors or seniors. A high degree of professional promise, good character, leadership, and a GPA of at least 2.5 are also criteria.

The Thomas L. Mielke-Weyerhaeuser Scholarship (Fund #4826) supports undergraduate forestry students, especially those attending the summer Cloquet field sessions. Selection also considers academic standing and contribution to diversity.

The William R. Miles Scholarship in Forestry (Fund #1284) assists juniors enrolled in the Forest Resources curriculum who have shown professional promise, integrity, and responsibility. Preference is given to students interested in forest industry.

The Leiton E. Nelson Scholarship (Fund #1904) benefits undergraduate students pursuing a degree through the Department of Forest Resources who show a high degree of professional promise, good character, and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5.

The Lynn Sandberg Memorial (Fund #5025) assists undergraduate students studying forest resources or urban forestry who have demonstrated financial need, shown a strong academic performance, and are actively involved in student activities and organizations.

The Rene N. Settergren Forest Resources Scholarship (Fund #6205) benefits full-time undergraduates studying forest resources with a focus on the Cloquet field session programs. (Funds administered at the College level with preference for Forest Resources students.)

The Franklin E. Star Recreation Resource Management Scholarship (Fund #8517) provides support to students studying Recreation Resource Management who show academic promise or financial need with preference given toward veterans and promotion of diversity.

The Kenneth E. Winsness Memorial (Fund #3484) benefits full-time undergraduates enrolled in the Forest Resources curriculum who have shown improvement and leadership.

The Raymond J. & Carol V. Wood Forest Resources Scholarship (Fund #5738) benefits undergraduates enrolled in the Forest Resources curriculum who demonstrate interest in the full range of forest management education. Recipients demonstrate financial need, are academically solid, and are involved in student leadership activities.

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FR Scholarship Funds

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