Field Sessions

NOTE: There Will Be Changes to These Courses for 2020

Field sessions offer students hands-on experience that set our graduates apart. Our program offers three unique field session opportunities. Some tracks of the FNRM major require one or two field sessions while other tracks do not.

  • The Introductory Cloquet Field Session is focused on forest ecology, forest measurements, and field botany. The Intro Session is required for the FEMC and UCF tracks within FNRM, but the session is recommended for all students. Students registered in this program spend 80 percent of their time in the forests at the Center. This field session takes place in August at the Cloquet Forestry Center. (The Cloquet Forestry Center includes 3,506 acres used for research, education, and outreach and is the University's primary research and education forest.)
  • The Advanced Cloquet Field Session is an intensive experience where students learn the field techniques and application of resource survey, silviculture, timber harvesting, and forest road development to forest management. Extensive time is spent examining and applying advanced concepts in the field. The Advanced Session is only required for the FEMC track within FNRM. This field session takes place in May at the Cloquet Forestry Center.
  • The Park and Protected Area Management Field Studies offer students a 10-day field study course in Ely, MN and the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Students will gain hands-on training, meet with professionals in the field, and enjoy a wilderness canoe trip.

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