Minors and certificates are an excellent way to further focus your studies in a related area of interest and can help bolster your resume. Listed below are popular minors for students interested in natural resources. FNRM students typically meet all the ESPM minor requirements and should, therefore, file for it. For minor requirements, visit the University Catalog.

To declare a CFANS minor, fill out either Add/Drop a CFANS Minor (CFANS students), or Add/Drop a CFANS Minor (non-CFANS students only).

Add/Drop a CFANS Minor (CFANS students):

Add/Drop a CFANS Minor (Non-CFANS students only)


Students have additional opportunities through the Forest and Natural Resource Management major to pursue certificates in two areas: Sustainable Tourism Certificate and Hydrology Certification (AIH).

  • Hydrology Certification: Students interested in obtaining certification as a hydrologist should register for the Forest Ecosystem Management and Conservation track within the Forest and Natural Resource Management major. Through major and elective coursework, students can satisfy certification requirements (see "Hydrology Certification (AIH) Option" in the FEMC Curriculum Guide PDF). In addition, this certificate requires five years of experience and an examination.
  • Sustainable Tourism Certificate: This certificate is provided through the UMN's Tourism Center.