Staff Highlight: Andy Jenks

Andy JenksForest Resources’ Research Fellow Andy Jenks can be seen around Green Hall with a drone under his arm or a GPS antenna in his backpack. For his extensive work in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Andy has established himself as a go-to person for all things geospatial, not only in the Department, but also in the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences. He has helped with research projects throughout the College, ranging from agriculture and sediment transport, to the Bell Museum’s video project, Troubled Waters: A Mississippi River Story. Before entering the world of geospatial analysis, Andy worked as a vice president of marketing and information systems at Wells Fargo Bank. He returned to school in his forties for a Master of Science in Forestry at the U. “I’m interested in the stories of the land and how space makes a difference. Everything has a geospatial component,” says Andy. 

It was not long before Andy started teaching GIS and GPS classes. Recently, he started incorporating drones into his courses, teaching students how to obtain geospatial data aerially. As if he is not busy enough, he serves as the president of the Banadad Trail Association in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Teaching for nearly twenty years, Andy has reached thousands of undergraduate and graduate students and is currently an instructor in six GIS and GPS classes.  We are very fortunate to benefit from Andy’s enthusiasm and dedication to students in CFANS. Andy Jenks flying a drone