Letter from the Head

One of the best parts of my job is interacting with you, our alumni and readers. There is hardly a week that goes by without a forestry graduate or friend of the department stopping by Green Hall. I enjoy hearing your stories about your time as a student on the St. Paul campus or your connection to the University. One of the themes I often hear is how proud our alumni are of being graduates of the University of Minnesota. Many of you say that you feel your education in forestry at the U of M gave you the skills and experience needed to have a successful and rewarding career in forestry and natural resource management.

As a department, we want to make sure our students receive the training that will enable them to successfully address tomorrow’s challenges. We also want to create a climate conducive of learning and discovery. This fall, for example, we offered a new course that provides an in-depth understanding of the role forest soils play in the health and productivity of forest ecosystems. We are participating in a search for a new faculty position that will focus on tribal natural resources, and we are addressing recommendations contained in our department’s Diversity and Inclusion plan.

In my job as department head, I see how incredibly generous our alumni and friends are. Whether it’s to help support the education of our undergraduate and graduate students, serve as a mentor to our students through the CFANS Mentoring Program, or support the work of the Department of Forest Resources in general, you as alumni and friends are unselfish when it comes to giving back to the program. Thank you for all that you do!

-Professor and Head Mike Kilgore