Policy Briefs, Working Papers and Manuals

These Policy Briefs,Working Papers, and Manuals were published by the USAID-funded Environmental and Natural Resources Policy and Training Project-- EPAT/MUCIA-Research and Training, implemented by the Midwest Universities Consortium for International Activities, Inc. The University of Minnesota was a partner in this effort.

The publications are a part of USAID's effort to provide environmental policy information to decisionmakers and practitioners in developing countries. The objective is to encourage the adoption of economic policies to promote sustainable use of natural resources and to enhance environmental quality.

The views, interpretations, and any errors are those of the author(s) and should not be attributed to USAID, MUCIA, their respective institutions, the United States Government, or anyone acting in their behalf.

All publications are in pdf format.

Policy Briefs

1Climate change policies and energy use in developing countries, Central Europe, and the Commonwealth of Independent States
Thomas Drennen and Duane Chapman
June 1992
2Environmental Protection and Economic Reform in Russia
Charles Kolstad and Alexander Golub
July 1993
3When Prices Miss the Mark: Methods for Valuing Environmental Change
John P. Hoehn and David R. Walker
August 1993
5Making Nature-based Tourism Contribute to Sustainable Development: A Policy Framework
Jan Laarman and Hans Gregersen
July 1994
6Policies for Sustainable Development: The Role of Watershed Management
Kenneth N. Brooks, Peter F. Ffolliott, Hans M. Gregersen, and K. William Easter
August 1994
7Improving Project Management for Sustainable Development
Hans M. Gregersen, Allen L. Lundgren, and T. Anderson White
August 1994
8Creating Policies to Contain Unproductive Deforestation
Hans M. Gregersen, Brian Belcher, and John Spears
September 1994
9Policy Lessons from Natural Resources Projects in Haiti: A Framework for Reform
T. Anderson White and Hans M. Gregersen
December 1994
10Expanding the Impacts of Social Forestry Programs in Developing Countries
Scott J. Josiah and Hans M. Gregersen
February 1995


Working Papers

1Landholder Cooperation for Sustainable Upland Watershed Management: A Theoretical Review of the Problems and Prospects
Thomas A White
July 1992
2An Economic Analysis of the Maissade, Haiti, Integrated Watershed Management Project
Thomas A. White and Robert M. Quinn
July 1992
3Peasant Initiative for Soil Conservation: Case Studies of Recent Technical and Social Innovations from Maissade, Haiti
Thomas A. White
July 1992
4Peasant Cooperation for Watershed Management in Maissade, Haiti: Factors Associated with Participation
Thomas A. White
October 1992
5Shrimp Mariculture Development in Ecuador: Some Resource Policy Issues
Douglas Southgate
November 1992
6Mathematical Programming for Resource Policy Appraisal Under Multiple Objectives
Bruce A. McCarl
November 1992
7Environment, Income, and Development in Southern Africa. An Analysis of the Interaction of Environmental and Macro Economics
Duane Chapman
January 1993
8Evaluating Environmental Impacts of Rural Development Projects
Jan G. Laarman
September 1993
11Nonfarm Employment in Small-scale Forest-based Enterprises: Policy and Environmental Issues
J.E.M. Arnold
March 1994
17Policy Lessons from History and Natural Resource Projects in Rural Haiti
T. Anderson White
November 1994
18Forestry for Sustainable Development: Policy Lessons from Central America and Panama
Dean Current
December 1994


2Integrating Sustainability into Agroforestry Projects: A Workshop Framework for NGO Program Managers
T. Anderson White
September 1993