Minnesota Forestry Notes / Minnesota Forestry Research Notes

The Minnesota Forestry Notes are internal publications published from 1952 to 1968 (#1 through #184). The name was changed in 1968 to Minnesota Forestry Research Notes which were published until 1985. Publication began again in 2013 with no. 295.

All publications are .pdfs.

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40Grades and Sources of Hardwoods Used in the Twin Cities Container Industry; Edward T. Sullivan; April 15, 1955
39Sharpening an Increment Borer; Robert Bauck and R.M. Brown; April 15, 1955
38Amount and Distribution of Farm Forest Income in Minnesota; Richard A. Skok and Otis F. Hall; January 15, 1955
37Standard Errors from Small Samples, Their Adjustment with Respect to Probability; Ronald Beazley; January 15, 1955
36Treated Lumber for Greenhouse Use; F.H. Kaufert and K.A. Loerch; January 15, 1955
35Preliminary Analysis of Factors Related to Upland-brush Density in Minnesota Pine Stands; B.A. Brown and H.L.Hansen; January 15, 1955
34Growth of Planted Norway (Red) Pine in Northern Minnesota J.H. Allison; October 15, 1954
33Some Rules-of-thumb for Obtaining the Volume of Small Logs and Pulpwood; R.M. Brown; September 15, 1954
32Species Survival and Height-growth in Some Minnesota Windbreaks; Paul E. Collins, Henry L. Hansen, Donald P. Duncan; August 15, 1954
31Preliminary Results of an Inquiry into Effects of Defoliation of Aspen Trees by the Forest Tent Caterpillar; H.O. Batzer, A.C. Hodson, A.E. Schneider; July 15, 1954
30The Character and Extent of Reproduction in Certain Upland Cutover Spruce-balsam-hardwood Stands in North-central Minnesota; Roger R. Bay, Charles E. Olson, Jr., and Arthur E. Schneider; June 15, 1954
29Viability of Black Spruce Seed in Four-year-old Logging Slash; Roland E. Schoenike and Henry L. Hansen; May 15, 1954
28Wetwood in Balsam Poplar; W.B. Wallin; April 15, 1954
27Some Observations of Speckled Alder Regeneration and Growth Habits; Bruce A. Brown and Henry L. Hansen; March 15, 1954
26The Extent and Character of Regeneration in Uncut Black Spruce Swamp Stands of North-central Minnesota; Roland E. Schoenike and Arthur E. Schneider; February 15, 1954
25A Study of Jack Pine Source of Seed; T. Schantz-Hansen and R.A. Jensen; January 15, 1954
24The Regeneration of Aspen by Suckering; Dixon Sandberg and Arthur E. Schneider; December 15, 1953
23Farm Income from Sales of Cut Forest Products as Compared to Sales of Stumpage; Richard A. Skok and Otis F. Hall; November 15, 1953
22Observations on the Response of Balsam Fir to Release; Charles E. Olson, Jr., and Arthur E. Schneider; October 15, 1953
21Effect of Cutting Mountain Maple on the Production of Deer Browse; Laurits W. Krefting; September 15, 1953
20Ruffed Grouse on the Cloquet Experimental Forest; W.H. Marshall and K.E. Winsness; August 15, 1953
19Seasonal Moisture Valuations in Aspen; Raymond A. Jensen and John R. Davis; July 15, 1953
Forest Fire History of Itasca State Park; Stephen H. Spurr; June 15, 1953
17Preliminary Field Evaluations of Endrin and Dieldrin for Control of the Larch Sawfly; J.W. Butcher; May 15, 1953
16Field Comparisons for Endrin, Dieldrin, DDT and Toxaphene for Control of the Forest Tent Caterpillar; J.W. Butcher and A.C. Hodson; April 15, 1953
15The Strength of Northern White-Cedar Posts; Louis W. Rees; March 15, 1953
14Suppression Effects in Twenty-five-year-old Windbreak Plantings; Paul E. Collins and Henry L. Hansen; February 15, 1953
13The Control of Dwarf Mistletoe on Black Spruce; Ralph L. Anderson and Frank H. Kaufert; January 15, 1953
12A Small Vacuum Treating Plant; F.H. Kaufert, J.R. Neetzel, R.L. Hossfeld, and L.W. Rees; December 12, 1952
11Index Cards for Tree Records; Stephen H. Spurr; December 15, 1952
10Effects of Deer and Rabbits on Hazel Brush at Itasca State Park; Henry L. Hansen and Egolfs V. Bakuzis; November 16, 1962
9Growth of Mature Red Pine; Stephen H. Spurr and J.H. Allison; October 15, 1952
8Computing Tree Volume Graphically; Stephen H. Spurr; September 15, 1952
7Reproduction Cutting in Tamarack; Donald P. Duncan; September 15, 1952
6The Tolerance of Several Tree Species to TCA Used in Controlling Quack Grass (Agropyron repens (L.) Beauv.) in Nurseries; Philip R. Larson, Karl A. Loerch, and Henry. L. Hansen; August 15, 1952
5Results of Testing Exotic Trees and Shrubs for Hardiness in Northern Minnesota; T. Schantz-Hansen and O.F. Hall; August 15, 1952
4Power Driving of Wood Fence Posts; John R. Neetzel; August 15, 1952
3Regeneration Following Cutting in Black Spruce Swamps; Robert E. Buckman and Arthur E. Schneider; July 15, 1952
2Characteristics of Black Spruce Seed From Cones of Different Ages; Tsan Sing Chai and Henry L. Hansen; July 15, 1952
1Growth of Unthinned Jack Pine Stands at Cloquet; J.H. Allison; July 15, 1952