MN Forestry Notes 161 to 184

The Minnesota Forestry Notes are internal publications published from 1952 to 1968 (#1 through #184). The name was changed in 1968 to Minnesota Forestry Research Notes which were published until 1985. Publication began again in 2013 with no. 295. 

All publications are .pdfs.

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184Retail Christmas Tree Sales in the Twin City Area--1966; David Darr, Richard A. Skok, and Marvin Smith; October 15, 1967
183An Index to U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Maps of Minnesota as of July 1967; Joseph J. Ulliman and Merle P. Meyer; October 15, 1967
182Idle Sawmills in North Central Minnesota; Robert D. Thompson; July 15, 1967
181Species Substitution Potential in Some Twin Cities Industrial Wood Uses; Paul T. Fuchs and Robert D. Thompson; April 15, 1967
180A Relationship Between Scion Bud Origin and Growth of White Pine Grafts; Clifford E. Ahlgren; April 15, 1967
179Special Minnesota Forest Land Tax Laws, 1966:  Acreage and Revenue; David  C. Lothner and Richard A. Skok; January 15, 1967
178Height and Diameter Variation in a Minnesota Jack Pine Seed Source Plantation; Alvin A. Alm, Bruce A. Brown, and Raymond A. Jensen; October 15, 1966
177The 1965 Twin Cities Retail Christmas Tree Market; Henry P. Anderson, Richard A. Skok, and William R. Miles; October 15, 1966
176Regeneration Estimates Based on Data From a CFI-Type Inventory; B. Bruce Bare and Hugo H. John; October 15, 1966
175Check List of Major North American Tree Species Native in Minnesota; Scott S. Pauley and Albert G. Johnson; July 15, 1966
174The Effects of Fuel Oil Applications on the Summer Burning of Jack Pine Slash; D.E. Nelson and F.D. Irving; July 15, 1966
173Construction of a Local Aerial Stand Volume Table from the Photo Measurements of One Interpreter; Garry W. Frits and Merle P. Meyer; July 15, 1966
172Markets Available for Minnesota Aspen Lumber; Robert D. Thompson and Harold F. Rathbun; July 15, 1966
171Some Observations on Artificial Christmas Trees:  U.S. Production and Marketing in Minnesota; Ervin G. Schuster, Richard A. Skok, and Marvin E. Smith; April 15, 1966
170Construction of Local Aerial Stand Volume Tables; Alan R. Ek and Merle P. Meyer; April 15, 1966
169Predicting Discoloration in Wood of Quaking Aspen; Donal D. Hook and Edward Sucoff; April 15, 1966
168A Test of a Composite Local Aerial Stand Volume Table Outside the Locality of Origin; Robert H. Lamont, Richard C. Trochlil, and Merle P. Meyer; January 15, 1966
167A Composite Local Aerial Stand Volume Table for the Cloquet, Minnesota, Vicinity; Robert H. Lamont, Hugo H. John, and Merle P. Meyer; January 15, 1966
166A Parallax Wedge for Student Air Photo Interpreters; M.P. Meyer; October 15, 1965
1651964 Retail Christmas Tree Sales in the Twin Cities Area; Paul Ellefson, Richard A. Skok, and William R. Miles; July 15, 1965
164Maintenance as a Factor of Use of Hardwood Flooring by Consumers in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Metropolitan Area; Robert D. Thompson; July 15, 1965
163Dwarf Seedlings From Witches' Brooms in Jack Pine II; Albert G. Johnson, Scott S. Pauley, and William H. Cromell; April 15, 1965
162NC-51 Scots Pine Seed Source Tests in Minnesota I; Scott S. Pauley, M.A.K. Khalil, and W.H. Cromell; April 15, 1965
Camper Reactions to Fees and Charges in Minnesota State Parks; W.G. Beardsley and D.P. Duncan; April 15, 1965