MN Forestry Notes 41 to 80

The Minnesota Forestry Notes are internal publications published from 1952 to 1968. The name was changed in 1968 to Minnesota Forestry Research Notes which were published until 1985. Publication began again in 2013 with no. 295.  

All publications are .pdfs.

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80Factors Related to Upland-brush Density in Natural Jack Pine Stands of North Central Minnesota; B.A. Brown; July 15, 1959
79Survival and Growth of Some Wildlife Cover Plantings in Minnesota; L.W. Krefting; April 15, 1959
78Results of One-parent Progeny Tests Relating to the Inheritance of Open and Closed Cones in Jack Pine; T.D. Rudolph, R.E. Schoenike, and T. Schantz-Hansen; April 15, 1959
77The Effect of Fertilizers on the Available Nitrogen Content of a Nursery Soil and on the Nitrogen Concentration in Red Pine Seedlings; Donald P. Franzmeier and Harold F. Arneman; January 15, 1959
76Cone Characteristics in a Jack Pine Seed Source Plantation; R.E. Schoenike, T.D. Rudolph, and T. Schantz-Hansen; January 15, 1959
75Field Survival of Red Pine Seedlings as Affected by Nursery Fertilization; Robert E. Lease and Donald P. Duncan; January 15, 1959
74Preliminary Study of Growth Losses in Minnesota Jack Pine Following Defoliation by the Budworm; P.H. Jaquith, D.P. Duncan, H.M. Kulman, A.C. Hodson; October 15, 1958
73Volume Determination of Green Wood Specimens; James L. Benson, Walter B. Wallin, and Cherng-Jiann Shiue; October 15, 1958
72Germination of 29-year Old Red Pine Seed; Knud E. Clausen and Paul O. Rudolph; October 15, 1958
71Killing Cull Black Oaks with Ammate, 2,4,5-T and Mechanical Girdling; Frank D. Irving; October 15, 1958
70Adventitious Roots and Shoots of Wilding White Pine at the Quetico-Superior Wilderness Research Center; Clifford E. Ahlgren; July 15, 1958
69The Water Holding Capacity of Wood Chips as Compared with Common Livestock Beddings; J.A. Salzman, E.T. Sullivan, J.R. Neetzel, and C.J. Shiue; July 15, 1958
68Periodic Annual Growth of the Upland Types on the Cloquet Forest; J.H. Allison; July 15, 1958
67An Index to U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Maps of Minnesota as of July 1, 1958; Herbert E. Wright, Jr., and Merle P. Meyer; July 15, 1958
66Comparison of Winter and Spring Applications of 2,4-D to Induce Regrowth of Mountain Maple for Deer Browse; L.W. Krefting and H.L. Hansen; April 15, 1958
65Toxin in Relation to Resistance to Dutch Elm Disease; Frank S. Santamour and David W. French; April 15, 1958
64Height Growth of Young Red Pine Plantations in Southeastern Minnesota as Related to Certain Site Factors; Donald H. Scott and Donald P. Duncan; April 15, 1958
63Slotted Clip Board for Viewing Aerial Photos; Gene Avery; January 15, 1958
62Vacuum Storage of Pollen Proves Feasible; John C. Barber and Donald M. Stewart; October 15, 1957
61An Index to U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Maps of Minnesota; Herbert E. Wright, Jr., and Merle P. Meyer; July 15, 1957
60The Twin City Metropolitan Area as a Market for Norway Pine Christmas Trees; E.T. Sullivan and H.L. Hansen; July 15, 1957
59Some Effects of Monuron on Eastern White Pine (Pinus strobus) Regeneration; Henry L. Hansen and Roy R. Johnson; April 15, 1957
58Jack Pine Variation and Distribution in Minnesota; T.D. Rudolph, W.J. Libby, and S.S. Pauley; April 15, 1957
57Weight Loss of Stored Jack Pine Pulpwood; O.F. Hall and T.D. Rudolph; January 15, 1957
56Preliminary Observations of an Inquiry into the Effects of the Defoliation of Jack Pine by the Jack Pine Budworm; H.M. Kulman, A.C. Hodson, and D.P. Duncan; January 15, 1957
55Sex Ratio and Hermaphroditism in a Natural Population of Quaking Aspen; Scott S. Pauley and George F. Mennel; January 15, 1957
54Sugar Maple Bark Injury by Gray Squirrels in a Minnesota Woodlot; F.D. Irving, J.R. Beer, and O.F. Hall; October 15, 1956
53Growth of C.C.C. Forest Plantations in Southeastern Minnesota; Dale J. Pfankuch and Donald P. Duncan; July 15, 1956
52The Relation of Soil Horizon Texture and Acidity to the Site Index of Aspen in Northern Minnesota; Daniel Meyer; July 15, 1956
51White Pine Regeneration During an Eight Year Period Following Chemical Brush Release; Henry L. Hansen; April 15, 1956
50Growth and Mortality in a Northern Minnesota Forest; John W. Hubbard; April 15, 1956
49Growth of 60 Year-old Norway (Red) Pine Plantation Trees in Northern Minnesota; J.H. Allison and C.L. Cole; April 15, 1956
48The Effect of Rainfall on the Basal Area Growth of Aspen as Related to Defoliation by the Forest Tent Caterpillar; Ronald Froelich, Cherng-jiann Shiue, D.P. Duncan, A.C. Hodson; April 15, 1956
47Natural Hybridization of the Aspens; Scott S. Pauley; January 15, 1956
46U.S. Geological Survey Topographic Maps of Minnesota--How to Obtain and Use Them; H.E. Wright, Jr., and M.P. Meyer; January 15, 1956
45Influence of Aspen Defoliation by the Forest Tent Caterpillar in Minnesota of the Radial Growth of Associated Balsam Fir; Ronald Froelich, A.C. Hodson, A.E. Schneider, and D.P. Duncan; October 15, 1955
44Durability of Pentachlorophenol Treated Fence Posts; F.H. Kaufert, L.W. Reese, and J.R. Neetzel; July 15, 1955
43Selected Poplars for Minnesota Plantings; D.P. Duncan, F.H. Kaufert, and D.W. French; July 15, 1955
42Use of Herbicides in Inducing Regrowth of Mountain Maple for Deer Browse; L.W. Krefting, H.L. Hansen, and M.H. Stenlund; July 15, 1955
41Small Kiln Charcoal Production Possibilities in Minnesota; Richard A. Skok and Ronald I. Beazley; April 15, 1955