MN Forestry Research Notes 226 to 266

The Minnesota Forestry Notes are internal publications published from 1952 to 1968 (#1 through #184). The name was changed in 1968 to Minnesota Forestry Research Notes which were published until 1985. Publication began again in 2013 with no. 295. 

All publications are .pdfs.

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266Book Planter Containerized Seedling Trials in Minnesota; T.J. John, A.A. Alm, and L.C. Peterson; June 1977
265Participants in the Youth Conservation Corps:  Case Study of the Bald Eagle Camp; Sally L. Palm and Paul V. Ellefson; June 1977
264A Technique to Determine Objective and Emotional Reactions to Establishing Voyageurs National Park; Michael A. Loesch, L.C. Merriam, Jr., and Allen R. Solem; June 1977
263Specifications for Improvement of Tonal Contrast Quality in B&W Summer Infrared Forest Aerial Photography; Merle P. Meyer and James R. Marshall; January 1977
262Nonlinear Biological Yield Models for Jack Pine; Dietmar W. Rose and Chung-Muh Chen; January 1977
261Growth and Mortality In An Old-Age Jack Pine Stand; R.A. Jensen and Z.A. Zasada, January 1977
260Successful Establishment of Red Pine Tubelings in Minnesota; A.A. Alm; January 1977
259Temperature Schedules for Overwintering Yellowheaded Spruce Sawfly Cocoons in the Laboratory; Mark W. Houseweart, D.E. Rau, and H.M. Kulman; January 1977
258Antidesiccant Sprays and Damage From Deicing Salts; Arthur Emmons, Alan Wood, and Edward Sucoff; April 15, 1976
257Time Changes in Soil Density Following Compaction Under An Oak Forest; David B. Thorud and Sidney S. Frissell, Jr.; April 15, 1976
256Campers and Resorters in Northern Minnesota:  Some Implications for Voyageurs National Park Management; A.S. Mills, L.C. Merriam, Jr., and C.E. Ramsey; January 15, 1975
255(rev.)Vegetation of Tamarack Stands in North Central Minnesota; L.C. Thompson and H.M. Kulman; April 15, 1976
255Vegetation of Tamarack Stands in North Central  Minnesota; L.C. Thompson and H.M. Kulman; January 15, 1975
254Newly Established Campsites in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area:  Restudy of Selected Sites - 1974; L.C. Merriam, Jr., and C.K. Smith; January 15, 1975
253Growth and Flowering of NC-99 Cottonwood Seed Sources in Minnesota; N.K. Dhir and C.A. Mohn; July 15, 1974
252Early Performance of Ponderosa Pine Seed Sources in Minnesota; Charles G. Tauer, Carl A. Mohn, and William H. Cromell; July 15, 1974
251 Productivity of White Spruce Seed Sources in a Minnesota Test Planting; J.W. Stellrecht, C.A. Mohn, and Wm. Cromell; July 15, 1974
250Some Synecological Characteristics of the Prairie-Forest Transition Zone in Minnesota; Larry A. Drew; April 15, 1974
249Tabulated Values of the Stefan-Boltzman Function; Larry A. Drew; April 15, 1974
248Twig Diameter and Weight Relationships for Important Browse Species in Northern Minnesota; James M. Peek, Laurits W. Krefting, and John C. Tappeiner; April 15, 1974
247Red Pine Tubeling Survival Related to Length of Cultural Period; A.A. Alm; April 15, 1974
246Application of 70mm Aerial Photography to Mechanized Timber Harvest Disturbance Assessment; G. Johnson, J. Ulliman, Z. Zasada, and M. Meyer; October 15, 1973
245Note on the Hydrometer Method of Particle-size Analysis; D.F. Grigal; October 15, 1973
244Geographic Variation and Relationships Among Shoot Characteristics of Red Pine Seedlings; N.K. Dhir; October 15, 1973
243Bulk Density Estimation Based on Organic Matter Content of Some Minnesota Soils; Larry A. Drew; April 15, 1973
242Cloquet Forestry Center Forest Stand Structure and Growth Estimates Derived from Permanent Plots and a Multiple Random Start Sampling Design; Charles R. Hatch and Hugo H. John; April 15, 1973
241Foliar Nutrient Concentrations of Some Minnesota Forest Species; Douglas G. Henry; April 15, 1973
240A 35mm Aerial Photography System for Forest and Range Resource Analysis; M. Meyer, et al.; January 15, 1973
239Aerial Photo Detection of Highway-associated Damage to Red Pine; Bruce H. Gerbig, Joseph J. Ulliman, and Edward I. Sucoff; October 15, 1972
238Aerial Photo Measurement of Big Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) Crown Density; M.P. Meyer; R.L. Eng, and P. Schladweiler; OCtober 15, 1972
237Growth and Survival of Exotic and Native Species at Cloquet, Minnesota; A.A. Alm, R.A.Jensen, and B.A. Brown; April 15, 1972
236Jack Pine Tubeling Trials in Minnesota Under Four Site Preparation Treatments; A.A. Alm; April 15, 1972
235Effect of Hazel on the Nutrient Composition of Annual Litter and Forest Floor in Jack and Red Pine Stands; J.C. Tappeiner and A.A. Alm; April 15, 1972
234Accumulation and Snowmelt on North-South Versus East-West Oriented Clearcut Strips; John C. Clausen and Arnett C. Mace, Jr.; January 15, 1972
233Sawfly Defoliation Affects Shoot Growth of White Spruce--A Preliminary Report; H.M. Kulman; October 15, 1971
232 A Progress Report on the Condition of Newly Established Campsites in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area; L.C. Merriam, Jr., Kent Goeckermann, J.A. Bloemendal, and T.M. Costello; October 15, 1971
231Control of Young Hazel Undergrowth by Light Applications of 2, 4-D; John C. Tappeiner II and Richard A. Dahlman; October 15, 1971
230The Size and Quality of Woodsrun Aspen Boltwood in Northern Minnesota; F.J. Hill, J.L. Bowyer, and J.G. Haygreen; October 15, 1971
229Selective Defoliation by the Yellow-headed Spruce Sawfly; S.S. Pauley and C.A. Mohn; July 15, 1971
228Effect of Winter Harvesting Methods on Soil Bulk Density and Infiltration Rates; Arnett C. Mace, Jr., Thomas Williams, and John c. Tappeiner II; July 15, 1971
227Relative Tolerances of Woody Plants Grown in Minnesota to Five Air Pollutants--A Compilation of Ratings; Edward Sucoff and William Bailey; July 15, 1971
226Recovery of Forest Soils from Compaction by Rubber-tired Skidders; Arnett C. Mace, Jr.; April 15, 1971