MN Forestry Research Notes 267 to 294

The Minnesota Forestry Notes are internal publications published from 1952 to 1968 (#1 through #184). The name was changed in 1968 to Minnesota Forestry Research Notes which were published until 1985. Publication began again in 2013 with no. 295. 

All publications are .pdfs.

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Individual Tree Volume Equations for Plantation Grown White Spruce in Northern Minnesota; R.B. Harding and D.F. Grigal; June 1985


Prediction Equations for Water-holding Capacity of Some Minnesota Forest Soils; R.B. Harding and D.F. Grigal; October 1984


Economic Implications of Managing Nonpoint Forest Sources of Water Pollutants:  A Midwestern Perspective; Patrick D. Miles and Paul V. Ellefson, September 1984


Use of Herbicides in Northern Minnesota for Forestry Purposes -- 1983; A.A. Alm; September 1984


Biomass Estimation for Black Spruce (Picea mariana [Mill.] B.S.P.) Trees; D.F. Grigal and L.K. Kernik; September 1984


Minnesota County Forests:  Land Ownership Policies; Melvin J. Baughman and Paul V. Ellefson; September 1984


Minnesota County Forests:  Timber Sale Procedures; Melvin J. Baughman and Paul C. Ellefson; September 1984


Minnesota's 1982-83 Forest Property Tax Structure:  A Review and Evaluation; Michael A.Kilgore, Paul V. Ellefson, and Richard A. Skok; September 1984


Forestry Incentives Program Investments in 1974:  Retention Through 1981 in the North; Andrew M. Wheatcraft, Paul V. Ellefson, Christopher D. Risbrudt, and Marcus H. Goforth; April 1983


Public Organizations in Minnesota:  Information Resources for Forest Management; Bernard J. Lewis; April 1983


Biomass Estimation Equations for Wetland Tall Shrubs; B.J. Connolly and D.F. Grigal; April 1983


Variation Among White Spruce Provenances in Minnesota Test Plantings; Wendy Radsliff, Carl A. Mohn, and William Cromell; April 1983


Impact of 15 Years of Use on Some Campsites in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area; L.C. Merriam and R.F.Peterson; April 1983


Armillariella mellea Infection in a Balsam Fir Plantation in North Central Minnesota; W.H. Livingston, W.H. Cromwell, and D.W. French; August 1, 1982


A Procedure for Combining Independent Sample Estimates; T.E. Burk and A.R. Ek; August 1, 1982


Comparisons After Planting of Jack Pine Grown for Varying Time Periods in Different Container Systems; Alvin Alm, David Olsen, and Michelle Lacky; August 1, 1982


Fertilization of a White Spruce Plantation in North Central Minnesota:  Five-year Growth Responses; Keith R. Cudworth and David F. Grigal; August 1, 1982


Ponderosa Pine Provenance Tests in Minnesota; Wendy A. Radsliff, Carl A. Mohn, William H. Cromell, and Wesley H. Gray; April 1, 1981


Glyphosate and 2,4-D Application Over Red Pine Seedlings with Hand-held Equipment; Alvin A. Alm; April 1, 1981


Sulfate-sulfur Content and pH of Rainwater at a Forested Site in Northern Minnesota; Edwin H. White and Charles F. Kramer; January 1980


Economic Impact of Prescribing Forest Practices to Improve Water Quality:  A Minnesota Case Study; Paul V. Ellefson and Ralph E. Weible; January 1980


Emergent Seedlings on Soil from Burned and Unburned Red Pine Forest; Clifford E. Ahlgren; June 1979


Buried Seed in Prescribe-burned Jack Pine Forest Soils, Northeastern Minnesota; Clifford E. Ahlgren; June 1979


Buried Seed in the Forest Floor of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area; Clifford E. Ahlgren; June 1979


Thirty-five Years of Test Results on Fence Posts Treated with Pentachlorophenol; F.H. Kaufert, J.R. Neetzel, and W.Hanson; June 30, 1978


Preferences of Minnesota Canoe Association Members Compared to Kettle River Users; Gary Ballman, Timothy B. Knopp, and Lawrence C. Merriam, Jr.; June 30, 1978


Generalized Biomass Estimation Equations for jack Pine (Pine banksiana Lamb.); D.C. Green and D.F. Grigal; January 1978


Direct and Indirect Estimation of Height Distributions in Even-aged Stands; C.M. Chen and D.W. Rose; January 1978