Adjunct Faculty from Cooperating University Departments

Aukema, Brian H., McKnight Land-Grant Professor (Entomology)Landscape ecology of forest insects
219 Hodson Hall
(612) 624-1847

Blanchette, Robert A., Professor (Plant Pathology)
Forest pathology: Forest and shade tree diseases
495 Borlaug Hall
(612) 625-0202

Grigal, David F., Professor Emeritus (Soil Science)
Forest soils: Vegetation-soil relationships, nutrient cycling, land classification
439 Borlaug Hall
(612) 625-1244

Sagor, Eli S., Associate Extension Professor (Forest Resources)
301J Green Hall
(612) 624-6948  

Smith, James L. David, Professor (Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology)
Conservation biology
200 Hodson Hall
(612) 624-5369

Zamora, Diomides S., Extension Professor (Environmental Science, Policy, and Management)
209D Green Hall
(612) 626-9272