Emeritus Faculty

Albrecht, Jean, Associate Professor/Librarian Emeritus (Forestry Library)
Forestry Librarian
Email: jeanalbrecht@comcast.net

Alm, Alvin A., Professor Emeritus 
Reforestation and site preparation techniques; Christmas tree culture

Anderson, Dorothy H., Professor Emeritus 
Recreation resources management; Policy and planning; Environmental learning and leadership
Email: dha@umn.edu

Burk, Thomas E., Professor Emeritus 
Biometrics—forest growth modeling and experimental design
Email: tburk@umn.edu

Bauer, Marvin E., Professor Emeritus
Remote sensing of natural resources

Baughman, Melvin J., Professor Emeritus
Recreational trail design
Email: baughman@umn.edu

Brooks, Kenneth N., Professor Emeritus
Hydrology—modeling impacts of forest land use on water resources
Email: brook007@umn.edu

Ek, Alan R., Professor Emeritus
Forest growth and change modeling, survey design and resource analysis
101C Green Hall
Email: aek@umn.edu

Ellefson, Paul V., Professor Emeritus
Policy and administration; Economics, management & planning
Email: pellefso@umn.edu

Gregersen, Hans M., Professor Emeritus
Economics, management and planning; Policy and administration
Email: hans@walk-about.net

Lime, David W., Senior Research Associate Emeritus 
Recreation resources management
Email: dwl@umn.edu

Rose, Dietmar W., Professor Emeritus
Forest economics, management, and planning
6624 High Ridge Place NE
Albuquerque, NM 87111-8174
Email: rosex003@umn.edu

Stafford, Susan G., Professor and CNR Dean Emerita
Applied statistics, environmental science, policy and management; research information and data management, environmental leadership, frameworks for interdisciplinary research and education.
Email: stafford@umn.edu

Vogt, Carl E., Extension Specialist Emeritus
Conservation education, hardwood management, maple syrup, and Christmas trees.
Email: tectrees@aol.com