• Blinn, Charles R., Management, economics, marketing, and harvesting (U of MN Extension)
  • Bolstad, Paul V., GIS in natural resource analysis, forest ecology and spatial data analysis
  • Burk, Thomas E.,Biometrics—forest growth modeling and experimental design
  • Carlson, Stephan P., Youth development, park and recreation resources
  • Hoganson, Howard M., Management and economics—timber supply analysis, harvest scheduling, operations research
  • Johnson, Gary R., Urban and community forestry (U of MN Extension)
  • Kilgore, Michael A., Natural resources economics and policy
  • Nelson, Kristen C., Human dimension of natural resources and environmental management—urban ecosystems, multifunctional agriculture, wildfire preparedness, dispute resolution, participatory governance/planning.
  • Reich, Peter B., Impacts of global environmental change on terrestrial ecosystems. Forest ecology, ecophysiology, ecosystem ecology
  • Schneider, Ingrid E., Human dimensions of natural resources and recreation resource management

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