Major in Forest and Natural Resource Management

The Forest & Natural Resource Management (FNRM) major focuses on forest management, conservation, parks, urban forestry, and the environment. Field sessions, top faculty, small class sizes, and a big reputation make this a great major for those who love the outdoors and want a career in natural resources. Students specialize in the major by choosing one of three tracks, outlined below. The options in Forest Ecosystem Management & Conservation and Urban & Community Forestry in FNRM leading to a Bachelor of Science are accredited by the Society of American Foresters. The FNRM major is the only four-year program in Minnesota that is accredited by the Society of American Foresters. (View the FNRM flyer.)

Three Tracks

Students within FNRM choose to specialize in one of three tracks:

Forest Ecosystem Management & Conservation*: Learn about forest ecosystems and how to manage them to protect and ensure their sustainable use.  Students study conservation planning, ecology, forest policy and protection, timber production, resource analysis, and more. (Curriculum Guide) 

Park & Protected Area Management: Learn how to plan and manage parks, wilderness, forests, lakes, rivers, and other natural resources for the visitors who enjoy them, for the communities who depend on them, and for society as a whole. (Curriculum Guide) 

Urban & Community Forestry*: Learn about the urban environment and the planning, design, and management of trees and vegetation in parks, greenbelts, open spaces, and private lands. (Curriculum Guide) 

*accredited by the Society of American Foresters

University Catalog for FNRM

Why should I choose FNRM at the University of Minnesota?

The FNRM major comes with its own unique set of benefits.

  • All the benefits of a large University with the small community feel of the St. Paul campus (.pdf)
  • A science degree with applicable skills
  • Field studies: we offer three unique field sessions for hands-on experience
  • Our faculty are leaders in the field
  • As the only four-year accredited degree in MN, FNRM will provide you more opportunities in your career
  • Many connections to local, state, and federal agencies and the natural resource industry here in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and across the country.
  • Opportunities to work, study, or volunteer abroad in programs related to the major.
  • Plenty of job and internship opportunities nearby while you are a student


Our graduates are qualified for a wide variety of environmental careers.

ForesterArborist (.pdf)Park manager
Park / river ranger Forest ecologistRestoration specialist
Urban forester (.pdf)Forest hydrologistSilviculture specialist
ConservationistForest health specialistSoil & water conservationist
Environmental plannerHabitat managerSustainable tourism planner
Forest managerNursery managerWatershed manager
Environmental educatorRecreation managerWilderness manager


What about the cost?

We are committed to helping our students and are currently offering a scholarship to ALL incoming students to the FNRM program. Yes, all! Award amounts vary with each student, but we guarantee a base scholarship to each new student in their first year. In following years, students can apply for additional scholarships, and many of our students receive significant support through their senior year. Learn more about scholarship opportunities.

What is SAF Accreditation?

The UMN's FNRM program is the only four-year program in Minnesota accredited by the Society of American Foresters (SAF). Many positions require a four-year accredited degree to be eligible for hire or for advancement opportunities, so having our FNRM degree will set you apart. Both the reputation and accrediation of the UMN's FNRM program will provide you with more opportunities and help take you further in your career.

What is it like on campus?

The FNRM major is on the St. Paul campus of the UMN's Twin Cities campus where we feel like we have the best of both worlds. Our students get to enjoy the small community feel of St. Paul campus with access to all the resources and opportunities (academic help, study abroad, research, clubs, activities, etc.) of the larger University of Minnesota.