Chris Titus

Junior in FNRM specializing in Urban & Community Forestry

How did you first become interested in the environment and natural resources?

My interest in nature began when I was a child, visiting Woodlake Nature Center in Richfield, and grew when I had the opportunity to do volunteer work in the forests of the Cascade Mountain Range in Washington state as a young adult. These experiences created the groundwork for an appreciation of the environment.

How did you find out about the FNRM major? What made you interested in this major?

I wanted a way that I could work outdoors and make a difference in my community. I also recognized the value of natural resources, and wanted to try to sustain and expand these resources for future generations.

What has been your favorite part of the FNRM major so far? 

I really like thinking about the many applications of a forestry degree and deciding what direction I want to take my life. I know that even if I don’t know exactly what I want right away, it’s comforting knowing that I’ll eventually be able to find a rewarding career that will fit me.

What is it like being on campus and in FNRM community?

The FNRM community is often described as a big family, and I couldn’t agree more with that description. I may not be close friends with everyone, but I see familiar faces everywhere I go and know that I could approach anyone if I wanted to.

What are your goals for after graduation?

My number one goal is to find a job that I can be proud of doing and that I know is not only helping people but also doing what is best for the environment. The future condition of our planet is not guaranteed, and I want to be able to do my part in making sure that it’s healthy in the years to come.

Would you recommend this major to an interested student? 

Absolutely! And if not FNRM, any of the many other majors in CFANS would be an equally valuable and rewarding decision. I don’t know of any other institution that can offer the kinds of opportunities in the environmental field than those found here on the St. Paul campus.

Chris Titus