Theresa Garrison

Sophomore in FNRM specializing in Park & Protected Area Management

How did you become interested in the environment and natural resources?  

As a young girl full of curiosity and creativity, I was always fascinated with the natural world. You could find me climbing trees, catching lizards, or plunging into a lake looking for the next adventure. That constant curiosity in how this amazing planet works is what made me want to pursue something in natural resources. 

How did you find out about the FNRM major?

I wanted to understand the ecology of forests and how important they are as a global resource. FNRM as well as FWCB were the perfect choices in that type of management. The track in Park and Protected Area Management drew an interest to me with career goals in preservation and natural area management. 

What has been your favorite part of the FNRM major so far?

My favorite part of the major is of course the curriculum! When similar classes crossover in lectures and that knowledge can be applied to another subject, it is very fascinating and engaging.

What is it like being on campus and in the FNRM community? 

The St. Paul campus and FNRM major has taught me what a strong community we UMN and CFANS students have! We all have similar goals and sharing ideas from different perspectives is what the college experience is all about.

What are your goals for after graduation?

I aspire to one day do research work for national parks across the globe, looking at how certain biotic and abiotic factors interact within their environment and looking at ways to better conserve our forests.

Theresa Garrison