Biology, Ecology, Silviculture, and Conservation

Research in this area focuses on understanding the structure and function of forest ecosystems and developing management technologies such as, site preparation, propagate selection and production, planting, thinning, fertilization, and insect and disease control. These tools maintain ecosystem health and enhance the productivity of forested environments. Research in biodiversity and conservation strategies is also included in this work. Basic research in tree physiology and genetics is fundamental to developing all these practices and strategies.

Agroforestry: Current, Eckman, Zamora

Carbon cycle modeling: Bolstad, Reich

Forest ecology: BahauddinBolstad, Frelich, Montgomery, Reich, Wythers

Forest genetics: David

International forestry: Current, Eckman

Silviculture and applied forest ecology: Buschena, Windmuller-Campione

Tree biology: Humenberger, Oleksyn

Urban and community forestry: Johnson