Research Facilities

St. Paul Campus Labs

Faculty labs located in Green Hall, St. Paul Campus:

  • Biogeochemical Forest Dynamics (Bolstad) Rm. 28
  • Earth Sciences Lab (Johnson) Rm. 130
  • Forest Biometrics (Ek/Burk) Rm. 305.
  • Forest Ecology (Reich) Rm. 118 and 101A.
  • Molecular Biology/Hydrology (David/Karwan) Rm 18.
  • Remote Sensing and Geospatial Analysis Laboratory (Bauer/Bolstad) Rm. 210
  • Silviculture and Applied Forest Ecology Lab, Rm. 3 (Windmuller-Campione)
  • Tree Biology (Montgomery) Rm. 5

St. Paul Campus Greenhouses

Cloquet Forestry Center (CFC)
Information on and location of this research and educational facility in Cloquet, MN.

North Central Research and Outreach Center (NCROC)
Information on and location of this research and convention center in Grand Rapids, Minnesota.

Itasca Biological Station and Laboratories
Information on and location of this research and educational station located in the beautiful Itasca State Park.

Campus Libraries

List of campus libraries, their resources and their locations

Natural Resources Library
Premier academic collection of books, journals, government documents, and other information in all formats relating to the subjects of: forestry, forest products, outdoor recreation, range management, remote sensing, zoology, aquaculture, conservation biology, bees and beekeeping, endangered animals, entomology, fisheries management, herpetology, ichthyology, mammalogy, nonhuman primatology, ornithology, animal taxonomy, and wildlife management.
Location: 375 Hodson Hall
1980 Folwell Avenue
Phone: (612) 624-9288

Plant Pathology Library
Books and journals on diseases of plants, mycology, nematology, effects of pollution on plants.
Location: 395 Borlaug Hall
Phone: (612) 625-9777

Magrath Library
Books, journals and government publications in agriculture, biological sciences, human ecology, design, housing and apparel, vocational education, applied statistics, food science and nutrition, family social science, rural sociology and agricultural, and applied economics.
Location: 1984 Buford Ave.
Circulation: (612) 624-2233; Reference: (612) 624-1212

John R. Borchert Map Library
Main repository for cartographic materials, including thousands of maps, atlases, and aerial photographs. The Automated Cartographic Information Center provides access to digital spatial data, allowing library patrons to create and print their own maps.
Location: S-76 Wilson Library
Phone: (612) 624-4549; Reference: 624-4549;
Automated Cartographic Info. Center: 625-9024

Other Campus Libraries
Link to University Libraries list of all campus libraries, their resources and their locations